Why did I receive the letter to register the claim?

You received the letter because you is entitled to some funds that were not returned to you by a private company ( like a bank, credit union, an insurance company, travel / rental agency or similar - see where this money comes from ).

Where does this money come from?
These funds come from private companies that you had an account with at some point, but didn't withdraw funds or weren't refunded before the account was closed.

All of these funds come only from private companies and DO NOT come from federal, state, or municipal governments.

The most common scenarios for these are:

  • You had a bank/credit union account that you didn't close and the bank has no information on your current location.
  • Insurance companies calculated that you overpaid the premium, but could not process the refunds since you moved on to new insurance company or/and changed the address.
  • You were overcharged on credit card and wasn’t refunded since you canceled the credit card account before a refund could be processed.
  • Bank / financial institution charged you some fee and later this fee was found not allowed by state or federal government, but your account was already closed at this point.
Is this money related to the Tax Refund?

No, see where this money comes from

Is this money related to the Covid-19 response?

No, see where this money comes from

I received the mail to register a claim: what are my options?
You have 3 options:
  1. Register the claim on our site. By doing so you start the process to receive your claimed amount minus our fee (10%).
  2. If the claimed amount is very small and not worth your time, you can just text us your code that we sent you at 1-888-519-4606 — this way you will be removed from our database and will not receive any future mailings. For example if claim amount is $2.50 and your hourly rate is $80, it’s probably not worth your time to spend 2-3 minutes to register your claim.
  3. If the discovered amount is significant and you feel that it is worth your time investment to avoid paying our 10% fee, you can research to locate the unrecovered funds. For example, if the discovered amount is $20,000 and you are currently unemployed and have a lot of free time, you might want to do research yourself to avoid paying $2000( 10%) as our fee. Most people choose not to do it since it might take tens or even hundreds of hours and simply not worth the time.
When will I receive the check?

In most cases, it will be several weeks after you register the claim. For some funds, you will be mailed the check just after registering the claim ( you will be notified on the last screen of claim registration ).

In most cases, after you register the claim you will need to sign an agreement that you authorize us to collect the amount that belongs to you and pay us 10% for our service if the money that you are owed comes from a financial institution registered as doing business in California.

So the steps are:

  1. You register the claim on our site
  2. We send you mail via USPS with the agreement with 2 copies: first one you send back to us using pre-paid envelope, second one you send back to California regulator using second pre-paid envelope
  3. 3. You sign the agreements and send it back using the prepaid envelopes that are included with the agreements
  4. After we receive a signed agreement, you should receive your check in 3-4 weeks
How does your company make money?

We take 10% from the funds that we discover as our fee. For example, if we discovered $100 in your name, if you claim it and sign an agreement with us to locate and return it to you, you will receive $90 ( $100 - $10 which is our fee)

Can I recover these funds myself and not pay a fee?

Yes, you could, but it would not be worth the time for most people - researching and locating lost / unrefunded accounts take tens and sometimes hundreds of hours.